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I've put the LASS presets in the Notion 5/Presets Folder. I've enabled the Kontakt 5 VST. I batch resaved the Kontakt multis so they point to the sample library. The presets show up in the score setup window and I can create staves with the list as usual. But no instruments are being loaded and therefore no sound. I can load the multis into the standalone Kontakt but they're not working through Notion.

I've checked the manual, the forums, the FAQ, the LASS website, but there's nothing regarding this. Please help! Thanks so much!

Windows 8. MOTU Audion Express ASIO.
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by friedacornet1 on Tue Aug 12, 2014 7:17 am
I have the same problem. I can see and choose the instruments from VST instruments LA Scoring strings 2 in the scoring setup.
But Kontakt is not loaded with the instruments. In the score setup. In the Staff settings window it says "No value".
So then I choose Kontakt 5 and the Instruments are loaded. But when I check if the different articulations work, they do not. It is for example not going from staccato to pizzicato.

I am a Mac user OSX 10.9.4. Can somebody help?

Best wishes,

Hi, did you ever get this worked out? Because I recently got LASS FC and I would like it to work well in Notion. Also, would you mind sharing the first chair presets? When one purchases LASS the presets only come with the full version while the first chair only version don't come with it. The tech support at Audiobro told me to get them from Presonus and the Presonus tech support told me to get them from Audiobro. The Presonus guy also mentioned asking in the forum... so here I am asking: Could you please share the presets for the first chair instruments?

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