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Hi everyone,

I have a recording of a live gig in Studio One and I'm trying to find an easy way to split it into individual songs (separate song files) for ease of editing. I haven't found a way to do this yet - can anyone help?

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by mwright137 on Sat Jul 26, 2014 7:33 pm
Not really easy. I usually add markers and then export stems between markers. Then I import the stems into a new song.

The ability to do what you're asking is a feature request from the old forum. I hope it comes out in a future version...

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by roblof on Sun Jul 27, 2014 12:45 am
Is there any daw out there that actually have a function of splitting live recordings in some managable way?

I wonder if someone has submitted a feature request about this...

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by Andy64 on Mon Jul 28, 2014 3:47 pm
I'm still not an expert in S1, but I do it the following way:
By listen to the record I set cuts at any time I later on would like to have the start or end of a song.
Usually the start is not exactly the first tonal sound, it is one or two second before in a live recording situation. And at the end the same, I cut at that time, when I would like to fade out the applause later on at the CD for avoiding that the applause is too long. I set the cuts for all tracks simultaneously.
Afterwords I delete the snippets in between by Strg+Alt+D with the result, that the peaces behind a deleted snippet will be automatically moved forward in the timeline by S1 to close the gap. At the end I will get each song in a single cut by doing this part by part.
With some fade in’s and out’s per each song I get my first rough cut means separation of each song. If you want, you may continue as mwright137 said by exporting each song (stems) separately now or you may do it later on for instance after further tunings.
I separate the songs usually not before starting the mastering. The benefit is, having all songs together in a huge session for the further tuning, e.g. copy/paste of EQ settings, reverbs or equivalent.
May be it helps you a little bit? Please be aware, I’m not a professional, I’m an autodidact ;-).
Regards Andy

PS: And please forgive my bad English speech.

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by Lawrence on Mon Jul 28, 2014 5:38 pm
Here's a macro you can try, "Marker Range to Song". How to use...

1. Shift N to get to the next marker (or go to the start marker for the first song)
2. Fire the macro.

It will split the range between that marker and the next marker, cut it, delete everything else, paste that section from the clipbaboard back at 0:00, and then it will fire the "Save As" dialog.

Type in a name, "Song 1", whatever, hit OK and the macro will save that as a new song and continue and undo all those changes and put the timeline back where it was. Hit Shift N to move to the next marker and fire it again save the next song section.

This all assumes you have plugins and routing you want to save for all the songs. If not, just render stems splitting at markers.

Hope that helps.

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by jensskov on Thu Nov 13, 2014 2:43 pm

I like your macro, but I have a problem with is.
It will keep saving the same part over and over, even if I go to another marker or if I delete the ones I used for the first save.

Am I missing something?
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by smeiman on Sun Jan 17, 2016 9:19 am
I just fumbled into another way to do this. I posted a topic in this forum titled "multiple song projects in Studio One Pro v3." Unfortunately, I'm pretty wordy and sometimes have a hard time communicating my thoughts. Basically treat all of the songs in the live recording as one song, as far as the Project Page is concerned. IMO, The recording techniques; mic placement for close miking and the overall tone for each instrument doesn't change (much) throughout the entire gig. So why not? I think the most important advantage with this method is the gain for each track is consistent on every song. Once the Project is set up any editing to the Song Page will require an "update" in the Project Page. Two very important points: (1) SET THE "START" and "END" FLAGS AT THE BEGINNING AND END OF THE ENTIRE SONG (or gig in this case), so all will be included in the Project including all the BS between songs; (2) "ADD TO PROJECT" is the method to get the Song Page to the Project Page. Once ALL of the editing is done in the Song Page - the Project page is updated (and there will be several hours of data, too much for one CD), now you can "split at cursor" (in the Project Page) and fade in and fade out each song and delete the noise and/or non-music stuff between them. The target time for a CD is about 80 minutes (my last Project 80 minutes was 20 songs, 42 songs total). At this point I created a "NEW" Project, titled appropriately, and "CUT" and "PASTE" from one project to the other from song 21 to the end. If editing is necessary in the second Project Page go back to the Song Page do the editing and save it; BOTH Projects require UPDATE and BOTH with be updated at the same time.
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by roblof on Mon Jan 18, 2016 2:54 am
What would be neat in s1v3 is to use the arranger as for the exports.

The arranger track with its ranges is a perfect match for this type of stuff. If one also could select from that arranger list when doing an export it would be awesome...

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by sirmonkey on Mon Jan 18, 2016 12:45 pm

Makes 100% sense to me. And not too wordy to describe what you meant. Good tip!

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by smeiman on Tue Jan 19, 2016 3:15 pm
Thanks for the confidence in the procedure "Sirmonkey." I use both formats - Mac and PC and this works on both. The CDs came out clear and very balanced: Studio One v3 Pro is very powerful, I'm hope it will work out for all of us that do live recording.
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by ArtTistic on Fri Jan 22, 2016 7:16 am
OK, so I too suffer from the too wordy syndrome, But although slightly OT, has anyone figured our a simple way to crank out a live CD at the end of a show to feed into a CD duplicator and sell on the spot....?

with all this gear there has to be an easy way to do this... say taking the stereo recordings from capture and cutting into tracks....needs to be something that can be done quickly so the patrons don't boogie...thoughts?

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by smeiman on Mon Jan 25, 2016 11:03 am
Hey ArtTistic....

I am thinking of two things here. First if you are using Capture 2 you may also be using a StudioLive board. If all of your connections are present; firewire and ethernet then fat channel settings will be sent to the files along with Capture. The magic number is 80 minutes. At this point open Studio One and open the Capture files in Studio One, the Fat Channel will be as an insert. Send the mix to a New Project, be sure to place a limiter to keep the signal(s) below 0db (I usually set my limiter to -.1 and crank up the input signal to get no more than 5db of limiting), and burn a CD right there. 80 minutes will take 15 minutes or so to burn, as long as there is no clipping, and depending on the amount of data. You can also burn a flash drive as an MP3 (instead of a CD) - but the "customer" would have to use an MP3 player or computer and burn their own CD. Not limited to 80 minutes, might be able to do the whole gig in 30 minutes or so (but burning a CD might cause problems because of the length and no way to separate the time - some old DOS programs would allow more CDs to be used if the data was longer than what fits on a single CD or floppy, not sure this will work that way).
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by ArtTistic on Mon Jan 25, 2016 6:54 pm
Yes, using an RM32 but since my FireWire connected computer ( Intel NUC) is running our video projections and DMX lights, haze and confetti cannions. I'm planning on installing a Dante card so the FOH computer can run UC and record to Studio One 3. Just wondering what's the fastest way to cut into songs and then burn to disc....perhaps the macro that another member created?? This would keep all the gear for the production of the live disc at the FOH which is also where our Merch table is...
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by sirmonkey on Mon Jan 25, 2016 10:56 pm
What about mixing and mastering the shows? It seems that you would have no way of really knowing what the CD's sound like before releasing them. Maybe there would be some charm in that, but what you're doing sounds very tough. Maybe you could do pre-orders. You then have a reason to contact your fans later, and "re-warm" them up. Meaning, maybe a week later, when the fan isn't thinking about last week's show, the fan gets an e-mail giving him/her the option to get the CD, or download the concert (prepaid, of course!).

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by basmeijer on Fri Aug 05, 2016 8:14 am
I just got started by fully using Studio One 3, leaving Logic out of the workflow from now on as my mixing environment, and I have to say that I am a bit disappointed to find out that Studio One is not smooth in this part of the workflow.

For live recording there is usually only one "Song" and even when I merge multiple concert registrations, as I previously did so in Logic to create one live-CD product, I use one large timeline so I can quickly make repairs using all recordings, use EQs and FX for similar tracks, jump around to listen to best takes etc.

Like roblof suggested, it would make most sense to be able to convert events in the Arranger track to Tracks in the mastering Project. So a new function in Studio One to to this would be much welcome! Did anybody asked for this feature already in 'Anwers'?

The reason for such function is simple: saving time and work even more "object oriented" with one- "Song" projects like live recordings.

Say a customer wants a quick mix of a live recording to select which songs are best and what work needs to be done during the edit phase. He obviously want to have a list of all separate songs, like MP3's or old school CD's.
In the meantime you have already made text markers of all the startpoint of the songs of the live recording in the pre-mixing stage with the markers of the points. With one click you have performed the Create Arranger Sections from Markers function.
The pauses and begin and end noise is quickly deleted so neat sections remain.
With the other (still missing) click, you could make the Project Tracks from Arranger Sections within the selected "Song" in Project. And your production is as good as ready to hand out to the customer for further selection, with all names of the music parts corresponding with the only once entered markers.

An alternative could be to be able to batch-export a list of Arranger Selections, so within the Song-edit as separate audio files and leave the mastering yet out of the workflow. Now exporting a whole list is still time consuming and takes a lot of action. My grey cells wish to think: Would this be possible with a macro?
I tried this myself but I was only be able to create a simple macro to make a loop selection out of the selected Arranger selection and evoke the Mixdown export window, with a new designated hotkey, so just saving one extra hotkey. Not very impressive.
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by perbraatun on Wed May 17, 2017 2:48 pm
I always split the recordings in capture, there its really easy :-)
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by The Rocker on Thu May 18, 2017 3:49 pm
Since the set is in one session,, You can keep all song edits in the same session folder and still edit each song separately after dialing in the basics for each musician / instrument.
And, make it so each song is the only song being re-rendered in case you go back to a song for editing,,, Having to bring a complete set back in because of one song would be a lot of time, and separate processing / editing for each song could be tough on the computer...

Using "Save As" after splitting and setting Song markers. will keep the songs in the Set Session Folder.
After basic overall processing for each track working on the first song, Save,,,
Then Mute all songs Events, except the one your working on.
Set Start and End Markers and select all the events for the song your working on, Loop selected Events, and Do a Save As name it that song...
This will put the Songs .song file in the Set session Folder ( or make sure to choose the Set Session Folder)
ex: First song.song

This way, all tracks from the each song will be used from the Set session folder tracks, for each Song... meaning you won't need to export taking more drive space. Or from creating a new session folder and bringing those tracks into it when saving...
If we create a new session folder for each song, space from the whole set, and each song would double the Set session folder...

Remember to Mute all song events that are not in your current mixing song.
Set Start / End Markers, and Loop that song. Then a Save as with the song name.
Save to that Original Set Session folder,,,
You can go back anytime to a particular song, find its named .song file and open that song from the main Set session folder.

Adding each song to the Same project
Then create a Project, Name and Save it in the Set Session Folder,,,
Go back to the Song and Add to existing Project you made. and save after each song is brought in...
This will keep everything in one folder of that Set Recording,

Be sure to have the correct Project open, when wanting to Add each song to that Project. It should show available to add to when it is up...

Ok, I'm almost totally confused, lol, Hopefully I was complete and didn't forget anything,,,

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by garybowling on Tue Mar 13, 2018 9:07 am
Lawrence wroteHere's a macro you can try, "Marker Range to Song". How to use...

Hope that helps.

I'm a new user (ported over from Sonar) and have never used a macro before.

Even with that, thank you Lawrence! This was exactly what I needed and saved me a lot of time and effort.

The only improvement that could be made.. The newly created songs still have all the old markers from the original. So the song is correctly at the beginning of the file but the markers for all the old songs are also there.

But deleting the markers and moving the "end" marker to the correct place wasn't nearly as big of a task as splitting and saving all the songs from a live performance.

So, big thanks again! gabo

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by geoffsharp on Thu May 17, 2018 7:26 pm
There is a fairly simple way of doing this in Studio One v3:

1. Import file into an audio track
2. make sure your start and end markers are a few seconds before and after the start of the track - move the track forward in time if necessary
3. Mark the track at each point where a song changes and give the mark a meaningful name - the song or part name, as this will create a file name with the text incorporated
4. Click on Song>Export Stems...
5. Fill in a meaningful prefix, IE artist-Album or something similar
6. Choose suitable format, location and options
7. Under export range choose "Between Each Marker'
8. Click OK

You will now have the track exported as several files with names created from the prefix and the marker. You will have a track which covers the Start to the first song marker, which can be discarded as it should be silent.
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by mikemanthei on Thu May 17, 2018 8:10 pm
ArtTistic wrote OT, has anyone figured our a simple way to crank out a live CD at the end of a show to feed into a CD duplicator and sell on the spot....?

I don't hate any band that much. I don't hate any audience that much either come to think of it.

It is always always always always always best to take the multi- track audio back to a controlled environment and do a real mixdown. Even if it's just for the simple task of letting the band hear all of their mistakes when they're rested and sober....

I'm still oscillating between chopping up a live performance into individual songs or just mixing them all as one big song. For me the biggest waste of time seems to happen when I want to make a minor change to something like the kick drum for instance. If I have it separated as separate songs, then I will want to replicate that change across all of the songs and it just seems like a royal waste of time.

So until PreSonus comes up with track templates , I'm just leaving everything as one big track.

So consistency is a big issue, and I just add a bunch of automation tracks so that changeable things change appropriately for each song... But the things that I want consistent stay that way

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