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It would be good if, instead of arming all 12 tracks on my Quartet with every new song, I could choose a template with the channels I use (including stereo linked channels, instead of the default 12xmono).


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by danam2 on Fri Nov 27, 2015 3:08 am
l tested the Duo version and was thinking about buying the full Capture for iPad version for recording my band rehearsals with the direct outs of the mixer into an cymatic LR-16. I gave up on it because Capture does not support templates. But to make it worthwile compared to the usb disc recording feature of the LR-16 it should do so. But not only templates for recording but it should also support templates when sending to Studio One. That means by sending a capture session to Studio one I want to be able to choose a Studio One song template to load those tracks into.

The (really awesome) workflow would be:
1. All instruments have their own channels on the mixer which are connected one by by to the inputs of the LR-16 (or any other multitrack, ipad-compatible audio interface).
2. In the rehearsal I create a new capture session for each song we record by choosing a template that automatically has all needed tracks record-enabled. This needs 5 seconds per song. Right now I have to create and record-enable every track for every song manually. That is a no-go in a rehearsal. The alternative would be to do this only once per rehearsal and record the complete rehearsal into one session and cut the recording in Studio one later on. That's tedious and one may end with more recordings than needed because not all inputs have signal in every song.
3. At home I just use the (potentially) awesome "send to Studio One" feature and choose a song template to load those tracks into. Without that feature I have to create a new template-based S1 song and copy/paste all tracks from the capture session to the song.
4. Do some minor, song specific adjustment to the mix and finish/upload it.

The way it is right now it is less work to record directly to an usb-hd with the LR-16 and drag the wave files into a (template-based) song in Studio One. That's a bummer because I like the GUI of Capture, the send-to-iPad feature, the possibility to set the record-enabled inputs in detail (the LR-16 can only record the first 4/8/16 inputs) and the apple losless format that Capture uses to save disc space.

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