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Please add slurs in Guitar Tab. The H and P for Hammer-on and Pull-off are not usually how those are written. When I add a slur in treble clef, I also want to see it in the tab. Please add this feature.
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by robertsmith6 on Thu Jul 17, 2014 8:30 pm
This is how Hammer-ons and Pull-offs should look in tab. Please make this possible in Notion.

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by mrpicholas on Thu Jul 17, 2014 8:57 pm
I don't use the TAB function in Notion, but I completely agree. After reading your post I tried to add slurs to a TAB stave and was surprised that I could not.

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by robertsmith6 on Thu Jul 17, 2014 9:10 pm
Yea... it's crazy. I just got Notion today and was really excited. It was much more intuitive than Sibelius and it's a really good program in general but I need to be able to make the tab look professional. I've written books for Bass and I was hoping Notion would be my new go to program but I honestly can't use it at all until they fix the tab.
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by robertsmith6 on Thu Jul 17, 2014 9:14 pm
What's really surprising is that they also make a program called Progression that is for guitar and bass and you can't make the tab look correct in that program either. Guitar Pro 6 has really good looking tab but I like a lot of the other features in Notion.

The H and P for Hammer-on and Pull-off just aren't used nearly as much as the basic slur. Open any Guitar book or magazine and you'll probably see normal slurs in the tab.
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by sirmonkey on Thu Jul 17, 2014 9:35 pm
There's no slurs? Well, maybe they were just trying to be P.C. !

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by BobF on Thu Jul 24, 2014 12:20 pm
+1 on the slur.

And the slur needs to be able to start from a grace note


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by aaronvasquez on Fri Jan 01, 2016 11:42 pm
I am very disappointed with this program (Progression 3). It is missing so many things. First, as you all have addressed, you can't add slurs in the tablature. Slurs in tablature is standard, yet they decided to use letters (P & H) for them. Why? In addition, Progression 3 does not have the ability too add multi-measure rest. Are you kidding me?! These are normal standard functions in music. How does a notation program not have these abilities? This, to me, is crazy. I contacted tech support about this, and their answer was to upgrade to notion. However, it sounds like Notion has problems as well; such as not being able to add slurs in the tablature. Here is what is even more upsetting. According to tech support, Progression 2 had both of the abilities. I told them that the reason I purchased Progression 3 was because Guitar World apparently uses progression as is stated on some of their transcriptions. When I brought this up, tech support told me that progression 2 had both of these functions and that is what Guitar World is using. So here is what I have gathered, Progression 3 is worse than Progression 2. Isn't supposed to be the opposite. This is ridiculous. Incompetent people. In addition, I have other complaints that I won't go into right now. I still can't get over that I was told that I should upgrade to Notion, which I won't. It seems like errors like this should be available via updates. It's the 21st century and we have this thing called the World Wide Web!! Pre-Sonus needs to fix their mistakes and make it available to us paying customers for free via an update! Come on Pre-Sonus, show us you care.

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