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Hey all!

I'm encountering something very annoying in Studio One 5 when i'm using this synth called Hybrid (AU-plugin). I load it up as usual and start writing midi-progressions, and suddenly the whole plugin switches into something completely different (which i understand none of) - see the 2nd picture below.

When this happens the midi notes that i've put in are no longer triggered and the plugin gives no sound. And the only way for me to escape this is to copy the midi-block to a new track and load up a new instance of this synth, and remove the previous one that stopped working, until it all happens again (every 10 minutes or so, extremely annoying).

I asked this on another forum and got almost no response, some guy mentioned that it could be because it's an AU-plugin, but i run other AU-plugins that doesn't behave like this.

How do i stop this from happening, and how do i return to the plugin from this view, without having to start over and load up a new instance?

This is what the plugin looks like, as long as it works:

And this is what it looks like whan it has changed (without me doing anything):

I'd be very thankful for any information on this as it is massively annoying and really disturbs my workflow. Any suggestions are welcome, thank you!

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by Tacman7 on Tue Nov 28, 2023 11:11 pm
I had something like that happen with a plugin, it turned out to be open GL as I remember.

I opened a ticket with the plugin maker and they had some things for me to do to get back to normal.

Can't remember the plugin but it just had a bunch of knobs like that.

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by Vocalpoint on Wed Nov 29, 2023 7:03 am
PNIL wroteI'd be very thankful for any information on this as it is massively annoying and really disturbs my workflow. Any suggestions are welcome, thank you!

The singular best suggestion is to stay far away from AU in Studio One.

Use VST2/VST3 as a rule and you will be just fine.

AU is a Logic-only format and is not extensively tested in any other DAW - except Logic.


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