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I own a Quantum2626 and a Studio 1824c. Each is connected 2 a different Windows PC. I am on Windows 11 on both PCs now, but this was also the case with Windows 10.

This is Studio 1824c's ADAT outputs listed in the sound panel. I get all ADAT channels available at 48khz.
Studio 1824c.png

This is the 2626's ADAT outputs listed in the sound panel. I only get ADAT channels 1/2 at 48khz.

I was never interested in the ADAT connections until recently, after owning them for over 2 years. I have connected both audio interfaces together just to test.

I wanted to know if anyone else was missing those channels in the windows sound panel. It's almost as if the windows driver does not include them. I'm hoping it's something on my end. I have tried three different TB3 cables, and I have gotten the same result. The sample rate doesn't make a difference either, except at higher rates, I eventually lose ADAT 1/2.

The ADAT inputs are the same. Though I do know they work because I can produce sound from the ADAT outputs of the 1824c and see the ADAT inputs register with the Quantum2626 in the Universal Control. I'm guessing the Universal Control uses the ASIO driver, which might be the difference.

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