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Hello all,

I have two hardware synths (let’s call them SyA and SyB) connected via MIDI to S1 (running latest Studio One Pro 5). In my setup both need to use the same audio interface input [*]. In S1 I then add two MIDI parts/channels, one for each synth. But S1 now only allows me to create an Aux channel (to hear the audio from the synth in S1) for SyA. I cannot select the same one for SyB as well (entry is greyed out).

That leads to the following:
  1. If both channels in S1 are unmuted I can hear the audio for the MIDI from both synths (ok).
  2. If I mute SyB, I only hear the audio from SyA in S1 (ok).
  3. If I however mute SyA so that I can only hear the SyB audio, that does not work since S1 did not allow me to use the same Aux for SyB.

=> Is that a limitation in S1 and is there a workaround?

[*] since I want both synths to be routed through my effect pedals for which I have a small sub mixer before the final signal then goes to the audio interface and into S1 (audio interface is Presonus AR12C so unfortunately no output channels available).

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