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I'm trying to export a wav file from studio one to notion. I've set the start and end marker, made sure nothing is clipping then from the menu 'Song --> Send to notion' select audio mixdown.
Set export range to 'between start and end marker' Resolution 16 bit Sample rate 44.1kHz. checked ' Write tempo to audio file' and ' close after export'.
Then Notion appears with a single staff, the correct tempo and it plays.....the first 31 bars. And I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I've tried several wav files, all with the exact same results, so at least it is consistent.
Anybody any ideas / thoughts on this??

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by michaelmyers1 on Sat Jun 05, 2021 3:21 pm
Guessing here. It might be limiting the length of the export to the number of measures in a default Notion file. As an experiment, I'd try opening a new Notion file, creating a lot of empty measures (more than enough to contain your whole WAV) and try exporting to that open file using the "Merge into open document" option.

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by Surf.Whammy on Sun Jun 06, 2021 11:45 am
michaelmyers1 wroteGuessing here. It might be limiting the length of the export to the number of measures in a default Notion file. As an experiment, I'd try opening a new Notion file, creating a lot of empty measures (more than enough to contain your whole WAV) and try exporting to that open file using the "Merge into open document" option.

Excellent guess. I'm impressed! :+1


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Folks who have used NOTION for years eventually notice that there are 32 or so empty measures in a new NOTION score, so halfway through reading your post, I connected the dots and all was revealed . . .

I did a few experiments and verified that on the Mac Pro (Early 2008) running macOS El Capitan, Studio One Professional ( macOS x64), and NOTION (6.6.478, 64-bit), this is what happens with a new NOTION score when sending audio to NOTION from Studio One Professional . . .

A few more experiments revealed that the Start and End markers in Studio One Professional are very important, and if not set correctly will limit the length of audio Studio One Professional sends to NOTION; and in this experiment I added a few hundred empty measures to the NOTION score, but only 151 measures of audio were sent from Studio One Professional, hence the reason to check the Start and End markers; and while the Start marker was set correctly, the End marker was set to 151, so I increased it to 250 which is the actual last measure of the song and is a few measures after the fade . . .

phpBB [video]

And while it makes sense, Studio One Professional does not export or send audio for Instrument Tracks--only for Audio Tracks where there is recorded audio . . .

It's logical, since Instrument Tracks only record MIDI, not audio . . .

Studio One Professional plays Instrument Tracks and generates audio when MIDI is sent to them via ReWire MIDI or External MIDI staves in NOTION if everything is correctly configured; but there are some non-intuitive rules that govern what happens; and overall I never send audio from Studio One Professional to NOTION, so some of this is new for me here in the sound isolation studio . . .

The strategy I use is to work with 20 or so Instrument Tracks at a time, each with corresponding ReWire MIDI staves and music notation in NOTION, all in ReWire sessions; and after the set of 20 instruments sounds good, I record the audio generated by the Instrument Tracks to Audio Tracks; retire and remove the Instrument Tracks; and start on another layer of the song with 20 more Instrument Tracks; and I save incremental versions along the way, so I can go backward and forward, although generally I make an effort always to go forward . . .

In fact, the only time I send audio from Studio One Professional to NOTION is to explore this type of problem or what appears to be an odd behavior--otherwise, it's not something I do or find useful . . .

For reference, I did the experiments on the Mac Pro (Early 2008), and the versions of Studio One Professional and NOTION are the most current versions that run on this computer and macOS El Capitan . . .

I have a Mac Pro (Mid 2010) that is almost ready to become my primary computer here in the sound isolation studio, but I expect the behaviors will be the same, which at the moment is a guess but probably a good guess . . .


(1) The NOTION score needs to have a sufficient number of measures.

(2) The Start and End markers in Studio One Professional are important.

(3) Here in the sound isolation studio, this works in a ReWire Session where NOTION is the ReWire helper device.

(4) I check both options (enable ReWire, and allow network discovery) in NOTION Preferences, since it appears to work, even though to the best of my knowledge I don't think I use network discovery. The various guides suggest not checking both options on Windows machines, but (a) I'm not doing this on a Windows machine, and (b) generally I think things tend to be a bit automagical on the Mac, which suggests that if you do stupid things, it usually doesn't matter so much.

(5) It's important to have recorded audio when you want to send audio from Studio One Professional to NOTION.

(6) In the first experiment, the audio stopped at measure 33, which was the number of measures in the empty NOTION score I used.

Lots of FUN! :)
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by olafvermeersch on Thu Jun 10, 2021 1:40 pm
Thanks for your elaborate reply, had lot's of fun reading it and after a short while of feeling terribly stupid for not thinking that one out on my own (and believe me, I've tried....) I am now able to import an entire song in to notion. Problem solved.


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