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i just got my Yamaha P125 keyboard and want to hook it up to my AUDIOBOX USB. The keyboard has a USB out. Do I have to plug a USB into my computer (Windows 7) or can I hook it into the AUDIOBOX USB. If I have to hook it up to my computer how can I get Studio 1 artist to recognize it??

I'm sure this is a basic, dumb question. Forgive me. I've read far too many nswers to questions here and haven't found an answer to my question.

I want to keep my mic and instrument jacks free for guitar and vocals.

yep, I]m THAT lost.

Yamaha P125 keyboard. USB out only,no midi.
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by SwitchBack on Sat Apr 10, 2021 8:00 pm
Hi and welcome to these forums :)

Looks like you have a few problems to conquer.

First off Windows 7 is not actively supported anymore by MS, and the minimum requirements for the AudioBox say 'Windows 10' too. Might still work but leaves you vulnerable to all sorts of issues.

Then the AudioBox USB is a 2x2 interface without line inputs. So even without the need to also connect a microphone and a guitar you'll have a signal level/impedance problem connecting the Yamaha's line outputs to the AudioBox. A stereo DI-box (or 2x mono) can solve that but both AudioBox inputs will be used by the keyboard so no room for a microphone or guitar too.

The other option, connecting the Yamaha straight to the computer is also problematic. It will get audio to the computer but will count as an audio interface. And W7 can handle only one audio interface at a time so can't handle the AudioBox at the same time.

So what can I say? Start with upgrading to Windows 10. And then look for an audio interface with at least 2 line inputs, a mic input and an instrument input, maybe the Studio 68c?

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