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I’m using the ioStation 24c, with Cubase 7…and am hoping that someone else here is a Cubase user.
My issues are:
The fader only appears to control volume/pitch, combined…which not only renders it useless, but also extremely frustrating (as half the playback is out-of-tune)!
How do I assign the fader to other controllers (e.g., ‘modulation’, ‘expression’ etc.)?
My working template currently has over 600 MIDI tracks. The ability to select tracks using the ioStation should be useful. However, as it only appears to allow track selection (one by one) it’s useless. There must be a way to quickly jump to any specific MIDI track…rather than immediately defaulting back to the previously selected 24c track?

My Korg NanoKontrol does all of this without a problem, so I know it’s possible (but, as yet, no one seems able to advise)

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