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"Attaching Audio Files" could be easier and quicker by adding an option and path/folder to save "Export Audio" files "into separate instrument audio files" from a score.
For example_
    001Picc.wav,002Flute.wav,003Oboe.wav etc.,etc.
And in addition an "Auto Attach option" that creates a "Basic Staff" and imports the audio file placing it inline after the associated notation staff and finishing the function by "muting" the source or "real" staves.

Working on larger and more memory intensive projects having for example lots of audio fx or the use of vsti's with large cpu requirements and such could be made possible and much easier.

The "Attach Audio" feature of Notion 5 is very useful and very helpful.
Adding speed and ease to this process with a save function that "saves and places" audio files according to a score list seems quite intuitive IMO.



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