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So I've not used my Faderport 8 in a few months but today launched Logic Pro X and noticed that my Faderport now only responds to commands sent from the DAW but it wont send commands to the DAW.

If I hit play in Logic, the play button on the Faderport illuminates. If I move the faders in Logic, the corresponding faders move on the Faderport. If I cycle between Latch, Touch, Write etc automation the Faderport follows BUT if I press play on the Faderport, move a fader on the Faderport, cycle through the automation modes, Logic does not respond.

Universal Control identifies the Faderport and says it has the latest firmware. Logic see's the Faderport and I've tried deleting it as a Control Surface and re-adding it but each time the result is the same. This happens with existing Logic projects and new ones.

Can't work out what is wrong.

Faderport 8 firmware v3.43
Universal Control v3.3.0.59348
Logic Pro X 10.5.1
OSX 10.15.7

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