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Currently, I'm viewing the first video in this list and learning much.

Atom SQ pad controller and Studio One DAW control
You may have to scroll to the beginning.

Atom SQ’s 3 Instruments in Studio One

Atom SQ Studio One Sequencer Deep Dive

Atom SQ Studio One Keyboard Mode Deep Dive

Mapping Atom SQ knobs to Serum and other plugins in Studio One

M1 Mini (16GB RAM, 1TB SSD) / macOS 11.2.3 / S1 5.2.1 Pro, Notion 6.8.1, Eris 5, FaderPort8, Atom SQ, UC 3.4.2. / Integra-7, MIDI guitar controllers, Novation SL MKll for CC - no Automap!
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by Baphometrix on Thu Oct 15, 2020 6:46 am
Yeah these are great videos. I periodically re-watch them. :thumbup:

Studio One 5.2.x Pro (Sphere) | Bitwig 3.2.x | Ableton 10.x
Faderport 8 | ATOM SQ | MOTU M4 | Windows 10 | i9 9900K | 64 GB RAM | Geforce RTX 2070

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