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The Faderport V2 follows what's in the DAW, whatever you want to call it (yes, I'm aware the Single Fader doesn't have a scribble strip) in the session navigator. So, let's say you're in Bank 1, Track 1, of the Faderport 8 - there's no way to scroll with the large encoder, or by pressing the prev/next buttons, to end up on say Track 9 - without having to push encoder button, or pressing a bank button?
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by Baphometrix on Sun Oct 04, 2020 8:51 am
Short story: no. If you want to focus on a channel you've selected in the DAW (either from the Console or by clicking an Arranger track), you have to press the big encoder button to "jump" there in the FP8.

I'm guessing the reason for this is because some users will definitely want to use the FP 8/16 to adjust track faders way over on one side of the console while they watch a bus meter in the DAW itself way over on the other side of the console. Or to adjust sends on far away tracks while you stare at the FX channels that might be grouped together on the right side of the console. Stuff like that.

It's a little clunky at first but you get used to it.

And there is a way to bump the "window" on the FP 8/16 by one channel at a time. Make sure the Channel button is lit up. Then the bank buttons move the faders/scribblestrips by one channel at a time in either direction from where you are currently focused.

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by Seabass5150 on Wed Oct 07, 2020 6:06 pm
Thanks Shannon,

This is kind of my third time "trying" FP8 (that's not entirely true because some of the other ones had some problems). I then tried the X-Touch One, and ultimately I thought I'd try the Faderport 8 again due to more control and I though there was the option to not have to bank (like the Faderport 2018) and thereby have the displays/scribble strips follow successively. Oh well, not ideal, but not aa deal breaker. If I give anything else a try, maybe it's a Faderport V2 & Softube Console 1 or 500 series EQ/Comp.

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