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I have an 1818VSL that served me well .

My question is if i use the 1818VSL as an ADAT slave to another interface such as the 1824C that is connected through USB to the PC/DAW, do i need to have an active USB connection (Blue Light on) on 1818VSL or can it be used as an ADAT slave while no USB connection is made to the 1818vsl

Another way to put this question is; Does ADAT work for the 1818VSL (as slave) if the USB status light on the 1818VSL is RED (i.e. USB plugged out)

If this can be confirmed I can continue using it and extend it's usefulness by buying another presonus such as 1824C I will use as master connected to my pc/daw, while the 1818VSL is accessed by ADAT and appear as the upper in/out in the 1824C.

The answer to this question will dictate what I purchase as my new interface.

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by retnev on Sat May 30, 2020 2:47 am
Someone in 1818VSL section answered this question, that it is not possible for the 1818VSL to work as an ADAT slave without being connected to a PC. The 1818VSL is therefore EOL and I will purchase a dedicated ADAT only interface.

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