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Actually no, with SO sometimes it starts up with the same audio settings as last session, same thing with my SL32III as I did a recording of a live gig in 48 Khz 24 bit in SO for video and still it started up with that setting but now with the Apollo and I wanted 44.1 16 bit, had to save a new song in 44.1 and then all was good again, also same with the Firewire Project.
Have you tried to start a song with the settings you want from start yet ?
We are talking SO right ?
I answered on another topic than the OP asked about didn't want to hijack the subject.
Most sorry about that.

Please add your specs to your SIGNATURE.
Search the STUDIO ONE 4 ONLINE MANUAL. Access your MY.PRESONUS account.
OVERVIEW of how to get your issue fixed or the steps to create a SUPPORT TICKET.
Needs to include: 1) One Sentence Description 2) Expected Results 3) Actual Results 4) Steps to Reproduce.

Windows 10 64bit Home, Mac Catalina, SO4.6.1 Pro, LUNA, Cubase 10.5 Pro, SLIII32, 24.4.2, 16.0.2 FW, Faderport 8, Atom, UA Apollo Twin TB/USB, Toontrack, NI Komplete 12, ++

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