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Hi all,
none of these following scenarios is workin' in Windows 10 64 bit.
We really need some official word from Presonus beacuse in a professional enviroment it's really annoying to deal with issues like this. I point out that on this desktop i7 Win10 64bit machine and on my i9 Win10 64bit laptop these following scenarios work perfectly without any issues/glitch/annoyances using an RME
I know that Win10 audio drivers management is kind of troublesome. But RME drivers deal with it with no problem at all. I really expect that an important brand as Presonus actually is, can find viable solutions for Windows 10 users.
Here come the 3 scenarios and the related symptoms/problems/issues in both Quantum and Babyface cases.

1. DAW with ASIO and Windows System using Presonus and RME system drivers.

Quantum case 1 : Play a Youtube video... everything is fine.
Start a DAW (i.e. Reaper) using ASIO.
Two things can happen. In some cases Youtube sound continues and DAW doesn't play.
Changing Presonus buffer from the used value to a new one than back to the old one (i.e. from 64 to 128 and back to 64. In other cases Youtube audio vanishes an the DAW doesn't play as before. The changing buffer cure sometimes work at first try...sometimes it needs more tries.

Babyface case 1 : doin' the same as the Quantum case 1....everything works fine.

2. DAW with ASIO and another app using ASIO (i.e. VCV Rack or Ableton Live or Max etc.)

Quantum case 2 : As soon as the second app using ASIO sounds get glitchy and then stops.
Cure is tu shut down one of the apps, then doing the "changing buffer" cure then in some tries everything works again..but with an app only at a time.

Babyface case 2 : everything works just fine

3. DAW with ASIO and Windows audio routed to Presonus or RME via Voicemeeter Potato

Quantum case 3 : the same as Quantum case 1

Babyface case 3 : everything works just fine

4. DAW with ASIO and Windows audio routed to Presonus or RME via ASIO LInk PRO

Quantum case 4 : the same as Quantum case 1

Babyface case 4 : everything works just fine

*** Conclusion ***

Presonus Quantum multiclient operation on Windows 10 is basically not working.
Please Presonus...solve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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by radar23 on Wed Jul 08, 2020 4:15 am
click the release audio in background option

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