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Dear Studio One Users,

a great year ended recently and a new decade has just begun. Coming back from a very successful NAMM show we already have a new service update for you. Thank you for all your support over the last 10 years of Studio One and the last 25 years of PreSonus!


Version 4.6.1 Release Notes (January 21, 2020):

Please note: Studio One 4.6.x will be the final version supporting Windows 7 / 8 and
macOS 10.11 El Capitan / 10.12 Sierra.

New features and improvements:

● Support for ioStation 24c
● [macOS] Added a warning when file permissions are set incorrectly
● When Pattern Editor has focus, now also the "record" command/button toggles its record state


● Check for automatic updates fails for Fat Channel Collection add-on
● [Browser] Crash when clicking through custom file tabs
● [Browser] Crash on "Convert to Audioloop" from context menu
● Crash when saving plug-in preset under certain conditions
● Crash on resize when replacing arranger section

● [Scratch Pad] "Invert Selection" extends range selection beyond boundaries
● [Microsoft Surface] Unwanted selection behavior when using the pen
● [Impact XT] Custom MIDI template does not trigger pad on G5
● "Tab to Transients" can get stuck in audio parts
● Note events can get a negative length
● MIDI file import fails under certain conditions

● Crash on creating new song when macro command bar is missing
● Crash using fade handle on grouped tracks
● [Mixer] I/O not instantly showing up
● Ampire Amp/Cabinet power buttons inverted in Studio One Prime
● Pedalboard preset "Setup One" is turned off
● List selection for track notes broken
● Time signature errors when moving arranger blocks
● Crash on open plug-in UI from the routing view

Ari Ahrendt - Quality Assurance Specialist
PreSonus Software Ltd. - Hamburg

Modern electronic Synth Pop........../..........Musicproduction, Support & coaching

Windows 10 64-Bit, i7 6700k 4.0 GHz, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Studio One 4 Professional 64-Bit

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