Capture 1.x and Capture 2.x
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I saved Capture 3 software icon in the Task Bar, but when booting the program it becomes a duplicate as in the picture shown (Pardon the cropping, I had to really scale down the image in order to be able to upload it..).

Currently running ASUS Zenbook Flip Windows 10, Capture Win x64 )Built on Nov 8, 2019).

Capture duplicate (2).jpg
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by Michello on Mon Feb 03, 2020 2:55 pm
Hi, is the functionality reduced in any way or does the software show abnormal behaviour ? If not i wouldn`t care about my case there are missing the 4 tools....i wouldn`t care if they were regards from Cologne, germany, Michello

Sorry for poor language, i'm not a native speaker!
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