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Anyone ever experience a rattle in one of their AI speakers? I have one 315 that rattles at a certain volume and frequency, as if it is resonating. this usually means something loose inside. It's still under warranty, but will expire in a week. I was waiting for PreSonus to respond to my ticket before I opened it up to take a look, but they slow to respond to my ticket. I really don't want to ship the unit back as it will cost a fortune. Anyone have this happen to them? Is it something simple to fix (i.e. crossover cable, loose mount, etc.)?

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by pradeepkumar1 on Sat May 12, 2018 4:00 pm
I just noticed this old post. Let me share my experience. I am using 2 units of Sl 328 and two SL18 subs. Few months before I noticed a rattling sound on low frequency music sessions in one of the subs. I took it to nearest service center in Dubai. Service technician found the handle screws are loose so the handle is causing the rattling sound. Once he tight them the problem solved. Please note the screws are inside the cab so you have to remove the driver. Same happened to my SL 328 as well recently. Later I opened all cabs and locked the screw with rubber based glue.
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by Karyn on Thu May 17, 2018 6:35 am
I have the same speaker setup Pradeep. Nice tip, thank you.


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Are we talking about the grill screws? Or the ones inside. Thank you

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