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I use Reaper. The 1810 just appears as the six hardware outputs. With my last interface, an
M-Audio Fast track ultra, the interface exposed outputs to Reaper that corresponded to the
'virtual' mixer outputs. This was the same for Windows 10 system software as well. I used
the virtual 1/2 for my system, then the other six virtual outputs for Reaper, Finale, and
whatever. I was always free to mix these down to physical outputs in any combination I desired.

Now, it seems, that unless I use Studio One (ain't gonna happen) I get access to only the
physical outs. Say it isn't so! If it is so, then I call foul on Presonus for advertising features that
only work with their DAW software. Shame, shame, it it's true. I'm ready to send it back.
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by tobiahshepard on Thu Oct 31, 2019 5:38 pm
So I was confused by the new software. The three stereo outputs that I see in Reaper
are indeed DAW 1-6 in the mixer. What lead me astray was the 18 DAW sliders in the
digital mixer panel along with not having raised 'submix' master sliders. I'm still disappointed that I only get three stereo pairs of virtual outs.
Why give me sliders up to 18 when the driver only gives me three virtual stereo pairs?
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by matthewgorman on Fri Nov 01, 2019 10:57 am
I think the additional fader would be if you had an adat pre hooked up, like the DP88.


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