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I want to add an extra stereo input to my 1810, but I am a bit confused about what I need.

This one looks nice but 1810´s manual says spdif can deal with signals up to 24/96, so I guess this one will not work as it is 24/192
Swissonic 24/192

Other option would be the cheap ones they sell for tvs and such, like this one. they run at 48kHz but does not say anything about bit depth, will they work with the studio 1810?
Portta Audio Converter

Any other suggestions welcome

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by javiertorrentandres on Tue Oct 08, 2019 6:38 am
I bought one of the cheap ones and works the way it should, I was getting few sound artifacts until I made master spdif input for audio clock. Now I have 10 inputs...

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