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This is a request for one of two things.
1. Presets for LASS FC
2. Help making presets for LASS FC
More on each request:
-Presets for LASS FC-
There are Notion presets for the full version of LASS. The full version of LASS includes first chairs so within those presets there are some for first chairs. The first chairs only version of LASS (FC) does not come with the presets. The tech support person from Audiobro told me to get the presets from Presonus and the tech support person from Presonus told me to get them from Audiobro. So, that isn't helpful. The tech support person from Presonus also suggested that I get them from another user here or at Github. So, if someone could share those that would be very helpful, not only to me, but also to other Notion users that want to use LASS FC.
-Help making presets-
If I can't get the presets that already exist (which is what I prefer) then I'll have to make some but there are some things that don't make sense between Notion's rules editor in combination with LASS instruments.
-The LASS sustained instrument's dynamics are controlled on one CC while the short articulation instrument's dynamics are controlled on another CC.
-In the sustained instruments the legato, portamento, and glissando are activated by either a combination of either specific velocities and note durations overlapping OR by specific velocities and the sustain pedal. In both methods specific velocities are required but in the Notion rules editor the dynamics instructions control the velocities.
I need the dynamics instructions to control the dynamics not legato, portamento, and glissando but in the LASS instruments the dynamics are controlled by CCs not velocities. So how do I set up Notion to activate legato, portamento, and glissando in LASS and also have dynamics? The fact that the sustain instruments and the short articulations have their dynamics controlled by different CCs seems to further complicate things.
Please help! Thank you!
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by artbyjeremymayarobinson on Wed Feb 13, 2019 11:40 am
I finally received something after days of begging.

LASS FC Violin.prules
(20.4 KiB) Downloaded 136 times
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by fernandomaia on Fri Aug 30, 2019 10:52 am
Hi there,

Six months later, are you happy with the first chair preset you got? Did you make music with it?

I ask because I made a powerful template for Notion + LASS, which you can download for free while it is in beta testing -- but it doesn't include the first chairs yet.

Personally I don't like the sound of the first chairs and the fact that they are so limited in features. There are much better alternatives out there, but I'd like to know whether you need something done... Call me the ruleset wiz :)

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