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Yeah, if some of us being aware share notes, because there may be a few reasons that cause this, we can request something.

It's definately before creating a project. I'm about 3/4 into having my next CD, and I didn't start a project yet. I noticed this on a few of those songs though. That it worked early on, but not midway due to things getting more complex.

I noticed it actually a long time ago, but refused to alter those song folders with the old name. Largely due to one bad experience, like Jay mentioned, where I had lost some files within a song. Made sure that wouldn't happen again. :cry:
Thx for keeping a watch on this, if and when we all can.

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by jBranam on Thu Aug 15, 2019 6:03 am
yeah jim... i do great parts... full songs not so much... so i do a bit of mixing and matching. when i am just sitting around enjoyin' meself i ain't got a clue where stuff will be used in the future or even IF they will be used. i am somewhat cursed in the fact i don't get full diddy inspirations... but i can take a click track and make pretty much anything i want. i'll fit the jigsaw pieces together at a later date hehe :) cheers

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