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There is still no official statement from PreSonus, but a few people have reported that the 24c should work with new iPad Pro 2018 - but only when using the original Apple power cable.

Does anybody have any experiences with it? Is it also possible to support the 24c with power via iPad?
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by alasdairkeith on Thu May 30, 2019 7:46 am
I'm able to power the 26c with my iPad 2018.

The problem I'm struggling with is how do I also provide power to other USB devices such as a midi-keyboard. There is one USB-C connection on the 26c, and one USB-C connection on the iPad. I've tried using the Apple multi-port adapter, which has a USB-C port for power, but I guess that's only to receive power, not to provide power to another device.

If I can't resolve this I'll need to return the 26c and try something else.

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