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I recently purchased an AT2020 to use with my Audiobox USB, however I have run into an issue getting everything working correctly. With the mic connected and phantom power on, I get absolutely no signal unless the gain is cranked all the way to maximum AND my mouth is literally right up against the mic--and even then, the sound is incredibly faint.

Currently I'm trying to work on figuring out whether or not I have faulty equipment or there is a setup issue of some sort. Phantom power is on for sure (little red light in the button turns on when pressed), and all my cables are connected properly. I've got two XLR cables and both produce the same result, so I doubt it is the cables themselves as the chances of both being bad are fairly slim.

I'm honestly not sure where to go in continuing to debug everything and try and figure out what is going wrong. Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated!

I'm on a Windows 10 64bit desktop. Plugged into USB 2.0 directly into my computer. I have tried both inputs on the Audiobox and they both produce the exact same result.
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by themaartian on Sun Apr 07, 2019 11:42 am
Sounds like your USB power is insufficient to drive the phantom power for the AudioBox pres.

If the interface has a DC wall wart input, try using a suitable power supply. If not, I'd suggest a powered USB hub.

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