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I wanted to use the VSL portion of this interface. I have an iOne but needed extra outputs so I could use Amp and FX sims and send them to the return on my tube amp. Works perfectly and I can still listen to backing tracks separately on my computer speakers :)

Now to the drivers. I installed VSL Software 1.3 in Windows 10 and all works great. BUT, I have seen mention of drivers for windows separate to the VSL software. I assume Universal Control 1.7.x since 1.8 discontinued VSL support.

The 44 VSL works fine in Windows 10 as is, but I noticed mine has firmware 1.05 when a bunch of people have firmware 1.06. How do I get an older version of universal control in order to update the firmware?

Only Universal control versions of 1.7x I find seem to be for firebox only and no mention of USB model Audioboxes.

Any help getting a legacy universal control so I can update firmware would be great. So far I'm really liking this interface and it's virtual mixer. Such a shame it was discontinued.
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by adriantysoe on Sat Feb 23, 2019 8:30 pm
From looking around a bit, it looks like the new firmware 1.6 comes with the new VSL disabling User Control 1.8. I don't want to flash the interface if it breaks legacy VSL support. It seems to be working quite well in win 10 as is.
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by cristofe on Tue Feb 26, 2019 12:07 pm
Ok, first off VSL software was discontinued quite some time ago. Both Microsoft AND Apple made changes to their OS's that caused it to no longer be viable. Further you go on to say:

I wanted to use the VSL portion of this interface. I have an iOne

If you are using an Audiobox iOne the VSL was NEVER intended to work with
that or any series of Presonus interfaces other than the ACTUAL VSL series of
interfaces. Your title says 44VSL. THAT is a VSL interface and if THAT is what you
are using and you feel the need to use the VSL software you can roll back to an older
version of UC. BUT....then you say you have an iOne.....which can NOT be used with
VSL. So which is it?

That being said we can help you better now and in the future with a bit more info......if you will post your system specs in your signature, (see my sig), we will be better able to troubleshoot your problems. Without knowing what type of pc you're running, what OS you're using, what DAW etc....we often can't recommend a "simple fix"

If you have not already done so please READ THE MANUAL!

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by Skip Jones on Tue Feb 26, 2019 5:35 pm
^^^ Cristofe has the definitive answer.


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by adriantysoe on Sun Mar 03, 2019 12:07 am
Seems to be working perfectly fine here on my Win10 system with just the VSL software installed. I'm mostly just using the mixer portion of VSL at the moment. So I guess something might go wrong if I start using the effects more.

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