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OK - I updated the desk to 1.10.15552 last week in our church.
We normally record the service to SD card - and when I open the SD card on my PC, I have 33 and 34 recorded as separate files - simply drop into Audacity, make stereo and edit away.

HOWEVER - this week, the SD card only contains a single 33 WAV file. So only seems to have recorded LEFT?

I have a slightly weird setup as I actually route a stereo matrix mix (15/16) to the SD card, which allows me to add ambient mics for the singing.

So I reset the SD Card output back to the main channels - still no luck - only a single channel recorded...

I played setting the SD card output between different settings, but in all cases only got a single "33" output being recorded on the mains.

Any hints? Is this a bug? Any suggested fixes?
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by alaistairdeacon on Wed Feb 13, 2019 7:08 am
Presonus tech support looking into it.
I rolled back to 1.9 and all OK....so defo something up with 1.10

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