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I primarily use studio one v4 for music transcribing. Below is my common workflow.
- Load audio file to Studio One
- Tempo map it so the project click is aligned properly with audio file
- Add LH and RH tracks for piano. Allows me to mute LH or RH and work on them separately
- Create loops and change tempo to desired speed
- Transcribe what I hear into MIDI track

All this works nice and does what I expect it to except for one thing, which I think could be a bug or a feature of the program that I would like changed. Let say I am inside a loop I created and its looping one bar of the song. All good, I put down some notes, at a slower tempo then I like to increase the tempo to normal and make sure it sounds good. When once I change the tempo of the project, the playback place goes somewhere else and I am not back on min 1 of the song even though my look is on minute 4. No major, I move it by hand to near or inside the loop and play the loop a few times again. Extend the loop to keep working on it, then change tempo and back to minute 1. Is as if I had a marker on that section and always went to the same section when I change the tempo. I do not have any markers on that section that I can visually see. I have restarted the program and laptop a few times with no solution.

Has anyone experienced this? Anyone has any solutions?
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by scottyo7 on Wed Jan 16, 2019 3:58 am
Check what your setting are for:
Tempo... which can be "Timestretch", "Follow" or "Don't Follow".
You'll have to open the "Inspector" (F4) to view these.


For more in-depth info on what they do, search for them in the Studio One Reference Manual (Alt F1) and the tutorial on YouTube.

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