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Hi everyone,

Here we go.

For some reason my Fire Studio Project (bought from Thomman in May 2015) has stopped syncing and has a permanent red light.

I use Win 8.1 64 bit and the standard 1394 socket on my Asus motherboard.
Nothing has changed with the setup.

I've installed a standard 1394 pci card which works but again FPS still no syncing
i've checked the 1394 drivers all Legacy.
Updated and uninstalled / reinstalled Presonus Universal Control
Checked the legacy and Universal Control drivers under Windows Test Mode.
Made sure I have admin rights on my windows account.
Fire wire cable looks good

I've read on the internet discussions about certain capacitors blowing inside the FPS. So here are some photos of the inside. I Have been unable to identify any bulging capacitors, perhaps someone could advise me what to do ??

Are the components indicated with red lines the correct shape ?

Presonus firestudio project.jpg

thanks !!!!

Presonus fire studio project circuit 2.jpg
Presonus firestudio project Circuit power supply.jpg
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by padcell on Wed Jul 04, 2018 7:58 am
I assume that no one will reply...............

Well it could be this chip

Video how to replace:

TSB41AB2.jpg (17.56 KiB) Viewed 2402 times
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by cristofe on Sat Jul 07, 2018 1:54 pm
I assume that no one will reply...............

You assume incorrectly. I don't know where you are but July 4th a major holiday in the US.
In any case ASSUMING that it is a specific chip without proper knowledge or test equipment
is just that.....an assumption. Apparently you're knowledge of electronics is limited...the capacitors look fine physically. But that doesn't mean they are working properly. Unless you own and know
how to use a VOM you can't be 100% sure.

Unless you're an expert with a soldering iron, (and from your posts I'm guessing you are not),
I would not suggest you attempt to replace an ic chip with this many pins.

A) You don't know for sure that IS the problem.

B) You are most likely to just cause more damage to the unit.

As you're unit is LONG out of warranty you can't expect Presonus to fix it for free.
BUT as it is still supported they will repair it for a one time bench fee of , (I believe $85),
which also gets you an additional year's warranty.


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by rgouette on Tue Jul 10, 2018 11:16 am
Just worked through a ticket with Presonus support for steady red light.
This one was self-induced, as the cable got plugged in backward(not by me) on the PC side.
And, before I realized this, I moved the cable to Firewire port#2 on the FP10 to try...consequently frying THAT one as well.

So, I just placed an order for a TSB41AB2PAP chip since the FP10 is now OUT of warranty(Presonus informed me), and I shall attempt a remove/replace.
I'm going to try the sweep method of soldering.
The chip was 6 bucks.

I've sent the unit in before, and paid the $8x.00 bench fee, as I left the thing on for weeks at a time, which I found out after you're not supposed to do.

Wish me luck!

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