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I just upgraded from my 4-CH Audiobox 44VSL to the Studio 1810. The 44vsl had a MIX knob on the front that allowed me to control the headphone monitor mix for the recording artist between their mic volume and the prerecorded material playback volume. This made it incredibly simple to dial this mix between the two in quickly and get the artist comfortable.

The 1810 does NOT have this mix knob. How am i supposed to control these two volumes? The only way I've found is by reducing the master volume in Studio One for playback control...but that's a royal PITA to keep changing the master volume for every song.

I must be missing something here?

Much thanks
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by tobiahshepard on Wed Oct 30, 2019 4:57 pm
I hate that 'mix' knob and won't buy any interface that has it. The digital mixer
is where you want to live. Adjust the sliders there for the output that the performer
is listening to. There is no need for an arbitrary level see saw between the input
monitors and DAW monitors. Notice that it's the entry level equipment that has that

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