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Hi guys,

sorry, there's a bit of text to read and understand what exactly my situation is..

TL;DR: I consider a StudioLive III mixer for my Studio, one of the main tasks would be to use it together with Maschine Standalone, routing 16 individual outputs of Maschine via USB to the StudioLive Mixer and being able to "companion" my Maschine Track, have tasks like Volume automation, additional Plugins and Compression / Mixing tasks done by the StudioLive. Main Focus is on an easy, seamless workflow. Ideally I have in the end a StudioLive Project I can then bring into Studio One for final touches and Mixdown for Mastering. See questions below longer introduction.

Longer version:
I've been producing mainly in Maschine Standalone the last 8 month or so, and that very successfully. Maschine on the one hand is the ideal production environment, I come from ideas to a (roughly) finished arrangement in less then 3h for a fleshed out, electronic piece. There's just nothing in the way, no distractions, no fiddling with technical parameters.

On the other hand, Maschine is very limited, lacks VST3 support, sidechaining only works with a few Plugins, there are bugs and performance issue etc. etc. So it's not suited for a full production up till a finished mixdown.

My attempts to integrate my Maschine workflow into Studio One via Maschine VST failed - e.g. yesterday I had another of those 8h-sessions where I made zero progress in a partly finished track, all day only fiddling with routing, midi, controller mappings and other issues. Super frustrating.

I need something quick and easy:
- Dedicated controls for volume, eq, comp and panning of each track
- Something that is NOT IN THE WAY
- Seamlessly integrated, start a song from a template, go for it, no messing around with routing or other tech stuff

Longer version end;

Could StudioLive III provide me with that?
    I need at least 16 Stereo audio channels via software from Maschine to the Mixer
    Can StudioLive III use VST plugins? Maybe if it runs in combination with S1 in the background? Is that a hassle?
    Midi sync?
    Which Mixer will I need? Does the 16-version provide me 16 real Stereo channels (not tallking about real inputs with preamps and such, just "software inputs")?
    Overhead? Lots of CPU? I can imagine that 16 separate audio tracks mean quite some data to be transferred.

I'd prefer the 16-channel version, mainly because of physical space in my Studio, but could go for a bigger version, if it's really working out.

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by BrentJammer on Sun May 20, 2018 2:41 am
Nobody want to increase my interest in the SLIII?

Got some pretty specific questions:
- Do you NEED to use the touchscreen or can all functions of EQ and Compressor be accessed via Knobs and Buttons?
- Is there fader-automation only with the mixer? (With a PC connected, but without S1 running) So can I record time-based automation lanes for Volume, Send and internal Plugin parameters and save that with a project?
- Does it have Midi-Sync?
- What's the difference between having the unit running stand-alone and connected to a PC? There's some kind of mixer software you have on the PC, like a remote control, but what else does it do (or not do without a PC)?


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