Capture 1.x and Capture 2.x
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I have seen some old messages about this, but none of the previous solutions works for me.

I have an AR16. I can record individual tracks in Studio One. I have previously recorded multiple tracks with Capture, and not deliberately changed anything.

I have downloaded the latest versions of Capture and the driver for the AR16. I've switched the AR16 off and on, and rebooted the system - but no change.

At the bottom of the Capture window the default device is StudioLive AR, and also in the Options window.

In Windows Setting AR16 is the default sound device for recording and playback. Playback works ok. Recording in Studio One works ok, only thing that doesn't work is Capture.

Any ideas? Thanks
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by matty6strings on Thu Apr 19, 2018 2:12 pm
In the past I have found myself to be in a blazing hurry during set up and found the same message due to improper configurations. Try reading this first: ... ereo-mean-

Good luck!

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by matthewgorman on Thu Apr 19, 2018 2:59 pm
John, I suggest a support ticket so that the information gets to the right folks. You can put a link to this post in the comments section. Sounds like something may be broken in the latest release. I am thinking it is a Capture issue since multitrack is working in Studio One. Is that correct?


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