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skip to 5 minutes in for the good stuff. . . Joe Crookston

This is one of the Rolling Hills Radio shows I did sound for this year, I didn't Technically make this in Studio One, but I actually created the mix on the fly with my Presonus RM32 using a stereo aux mix. So I was doing the room Live sound and the recording mix separately at the same time using some headphones and an iPad for mixing both the Live and Recording, headphones on, headphones off, headphones on, headphones off LOL, it's pretty challenging stuff. The AUX mix got sent back to the camera switching dudes and was put right into the video live. There is very very little post production done for this, believe it or not, TV show about a radio show. It's pretty fun to be a part of and this is our first year for video so it's quite a lot to learn and accomplish. My job is all things audio. There are probably about 20 volunteers involved to make the show a success!

You can see and/or hear all of the shows from this year at


StudioLive RM32AI
Rackmount Windows 8.1 PC Quad core 8G ram
ASUS RT-N66U Dual Band Router
IPad2, IPad Air 2, Studio One 3 Pro, 1 DBX Driverack 260
2 QSC KW 153's, 2 Turbosound TMS-1's
2 OHM MR450D Subs with Kilomax 18inch drivers
4 EV ZLX-12P's, 2 Yamaha S115V's
4 Behringer EP2500 amps, 1 QSC Amp
10 58/57 mics, 1 AT2020, 2 AT2021, 1 beta52 kick mic
2 e609, 2 Radial J48 DI's

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