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Apologies in advance if this is a basic question, but I really can't figure this out.

Trying to play guitar in, through a Yamaha audiogram 3 USB interface.

The interface has two channels, one is mic/inst with a xlr/jack input, the other is regular jack R and L line inputs.

I can only get (barely audible) sound from the line inputs, I've got nothing from the inst in, and this is probaly because I can see no way of selecting the inst input from studio one?

I must be missing something here?

Have I somehow got a dud interface, I really don't know why this shouldn't work...

I've attached some pictures.

In case it's not already clear enough, I'm a bit new to this.

Appreciate any help with this.



And this...
But all I can find is input Line L and Line R
You can see the inputs here, I need to find the input this cable is plugged into (input 1) in s1
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by Steve Carter on Fri Aug 25, 2017 3:16 pm
Hi Francis...
I don't have this interface but a quick look at the manual on-line suggests some advice.
You would normally need to use the mic/instrument input with the switch set to guitar/bass not the line level input, which is for synths, drum machines etc.
Ensure that the phantom power switch is off.
Increase the input level (the output level is for sends to headphones/speakers for monitoring purposes.
Connect the interface to your computer via a usb cable - Studio One will only see an input from the interface and probably won't distinguish between line or mic/guitar inputs.
You cannot increase the record level input volume into S1 from the S1 software this must be done at source (the instrument/interface).
Make sure you have the track record channel set to receive from the interface, arm for recording and engage the blue monitor button for the track so that you can hear what's being recorded (presumably monitoringvthrough headphones to reduce feedback).

This is a discontinued interface originally designed for Windows Vista, not sure if it is still class compliant for later OS'...?!!

For future reference, it always helps to include your equipment/software specifications.


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