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Here's a great video by Johnny Geib on implementation of Control Link.


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by Mac Money on Mon Jun 26, 2017 4:25 pm
Thank You this really got me up and running with my BCR2000

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by TheTwangmeister on Thu Jan 04, 2018 12:37 pm
Hi Jonny

I watched your video because I couldn't get this to work with my Mackie Control C4. As you probably will know the BCR 2000 is Behringer's version of the Mackie C4.

I have just moved over from SONAR which I have used for 20 years. The C4 worked perfectly there. For some reason it isn't in the list of recognised devices in Studio One even though the Mackie Control and the Extender are.

Here is the problem I had after attempting to set the C4 up as a generic Control Link controller, and after following your steps thoroughly I still have exactly the same problem.

1. I do not get the visual feedback on my C4 knobs, it's like there is just one way communication. But even worse...
2. The knobs do not respond properly. Namely, the parameter value jumps from around zero to around 50 even though these are continuous control knobs just like yours on the BCR2000.

Once I have set up my 32 knobs with the Midi Learn and ticked the Transmit Value option, then this is what happens. When I turn a C4 knob clockwise the parameter value jumps to 0.79. When I turn a knob anti-clockwise it jumps to 51.18. This renders the buttons absolutely useless. And of course I get nothing on my visual displays on the C4. What am I doing wrong? Why does this not work?

Also, why do you set it up as a keyboard rather than a Control Surface? I have to say it makes no difference which option I go for, the result is the same.

Help please!!!

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