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Hi guys!
I want to record a Phantompowered mic with OBS, and that of course with the help of the Audiobox iTwo. Running 1.8 legacy software. Its rubbish. :thumbdown:
I've just updated from 1.3 but i will probably downgrade again as I can't change sample and bitrate in the 1.8.
However, the main problem I'm having is the following:
In the windows "Sound" ("Hardware and Sound...") only the line input of the Audiobox shows up in the "recording" tab. And OBS can only see what windows sees so there's no way that I can get my Mic to be recorded with OBS.

Is that solved in the 2.0 software? It always fails to download :(
I basically want the audiobox to show up as four separate inputs in windows. Two line inputs (There's one stereo line input from the audiobox showing up, I assume thats the two line inputs merged together) and two mic inputs.

Has anyone else had this issue?

Greetings from zhe Germany!

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