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Hi all,

Going insane with this one (as is a friend).

Changed from my Focusrite iSolo as the jack input seemed to have given up (worked when I used an xor to jack inout adaptor) for guitar.

Bought the iOne, plugged in - same issue on all software (except iRig Recorder), does not work on any of my Macs, iPhone, nothing on the jack input, but fine on the XLR.

Any ideas - contact Amplitube and BIAS (software I was using), as well as Apple directly and Focusrite - none have any idea.

Am I stuck to using the XLR input only on these devices - obviously I think an iOS issue with Apple (all latest updates). Not been able to check it on a PC as the ones at work blocked my installed the universal driver for the iOne today!!

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by brianmorris on Fri Nov 11, 2016 2:54 pm
Studio One works on the jack input, if I configure it to Right Input (left is for XLR input) in the I/O

Question is, if this is the iOS issue, how do I sort it so it recognises the right input...

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