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I'm curious about running the iTwo to an iPhone. My plan is to use the USB B 2.0 port on the iTwo to an iPad charger. Then the USB device output of the iTwo into an iPhone lightning port, or through the apple camera connection kit, or through a powered USB hub that then goes into the camera connection kit into the iPhone.

My concern and question is, am I safe using a USB A to USB A cable like in the link below from the device USB out of the iTwo? If not, how can I power the iTwo safely and have it connect to the iPhone? I need to have it work through the USB 3.0 Camera kit adapter so I can use USB midi.Image

https://www.amazon.com/Generic-Super-Fe ... B000BSJFFC

I may also try to just run the iTwo USB B 2.0 port out into the powered hub, then the hub into the camera adapter kit. I worry this won't properly power the iTwo though. Thanks for any help or info on this subject.
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by PreSonuSales2 on Mon Nov 07, 2016 11:34 am
The iTwo can be powered off of most USB mobile device chargers using the USB 2.0 type B connector with the included USB 2.0 cable.

Regarding the Device output. This can be direct to lightning, camera kit, or powered usb hub.

"My concern and question is, is this possible? Am I safe using a USB A to USB
A cable like in the link below from the device out USB of the iTwo?"
Yes, you should have no issues with connecting your devices this way.

Alternatively, you can power the iTwo with just about any external backup battery back that is normally sold for mobile devices. The length of use will depend directly on the maH size of the battery you choose to go with.

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