Temblor T10 and Temblor T8
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I'm looking for some sub to my Eris 5. T10 to T8?. I will use it on small product studio.
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by pauldecesare on Thu Mar 23, 2017 2:00 pm
I have Eris 5's and just got the T10. The better input panel and footswitch are worth the price alone, but the reproduction of bass frequencies by a 10" speaker far surpasses an 8" any day of the week. Queue up a tune that has a 5-string bass with a Low B ("Slip Into Spring" on the Riverdance soundtrack for instance), and the 10's seperates from the 8's in a big way in that scenario. T10 all the way.

Current rig (and if I can't produce decent music with this I need serious help):
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