Temblor T10 and Temblor T8
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I'm running 3.5mm to a nanopatch+ inline volume control, and from there TRS cables to my new Temblor T8 and out from there to each Eris E5.

The line in to the volume box is at 0dB and I've set the gain on the Temblor T8 to U as well, but sometimes the sub just cuts out and the power light goes off too. At that point it doesn't matter how much volume I dial in, the sub stays dead until I turn it off at the mains for a bit and then turn it on again.

Is this power saving (and if so, how do I stop it from going to sleep)?
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by shanabit on Sat Nov 05, 2016 10:58 am
"Turn-on/off transient"

Im guessing yes.

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