Temblor T10 and Temblor T8
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Hello guys,

I have a question in general(?) with the setting of a subwoofer, in my case Temblor t10.

Setting the "LPF" of the T10 at 80Hz and the "HPF" to "ON" should cancel most frequencies below 80Hz reproduced by the satellites. This is, what the manual says.
This methode should be a benefit for the satellites, because they don't have to play frequencies below 80Hz. Better reproduction of the midrange(?).

Setting the "LPF" at 50Hz and the "HPF" to "OFF", the satellites will reproduce their hole frequeny response and the sub all frequencies below 50Hz.

The first methode should offer a better midrange, but the second methode offers the better measurements (overall frequency response) The frequency response - satellites plus T10 - is more linear at the crossover section.

Which methode whould you prefer in general?
There seems to be a sonical difference with the satellites using the HPF or not.
Thank you very much for your answers in advance and

kind regards


ps. please apologize my all but perfect English...

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