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Central Station Cue Mix

Posted: Mon Nov 02, 2020 12:14 am
by henrychoi3
Hi here is the list of equipment:
-pro tools ultimate
-apogee symphony mk2 8x8+8mp
-presonus hp60
-presonus central station plus

i record only voice talents.
And when i have recordings with videos (most like commercial ads or animation dubbing) , some voice actors complain about the volume of the video's and their voice's volume.
i can control it in pro tools but i want the Voice actors to have control, so i bought a hp60 last week.
the problem is how to separately send the following:
1) voice actor's voice audio: output 1-2
2) video's audio: output 3-4
3) also i have 1 pair of monitor speaker(nemaunn kh120) connected to trs1 in central station, but i need to hear both voice actor and video's audio through that speaker.
i tried it but didnt work using the line out main&cue on central station.
can gou please help me out on this issue?
thanks in advance