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Ok so here's the run down of my studio,

Mini mac 2.3GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 16GB.
2 Rokit krk 8's. 1 krk 10" sub.
2 Behringer Behritone C50A 30W Active 5 1/4" Full-Range Reference Studio
Presonus studio channel tube preamplifier
focusrite pro 40
focusrite voice mater
presonus monitor station (older version not the newer one, shouldn't make a difference)
Galaxy audio spl meter cm-130
room Size is about 12' x 12'
Acoustic foam

25 (12 - 16" x 24"Acosutic panels)
25- (72 - 4" x 24" strips = 432 - 4" x 4" variable height foam absorbers)
8 bass traps Size: 24” x 12” x 8” (max depth 12”)

That's what I'm working with. I'm trying to get my speakers calibrated with my monitor station correctly.
My workflow is like this little speaker to big speaker so A would be my behritones B would be the krk '8's and C would be krk sub.

Between reading the manuals and watching a few tutorials online I get what I need to do but i'm a little confused on setting levels on my focusrite pro 40 and my speakers. This is what I've done and I'm not feeling this is correct.

All speakers I set at 0 db- A B C levels and the master volume are all be turned to counter clockwise on the monitor station.
I turn the focusrite almost all the way up to about 9 1/2. I place a mono track in my daw with a tone generator set at RMS -20db pink noise. I set the spl meter to c weighted slow response. Turn on pick noise pan hard left select options a on station slowly turn up level a till i reach 79 db, repeat this for the right side and other speakers. Is this correct or wrong ?

If anyone can calibrate with me on this that either has a similar set up or experience setting this up that would be great!

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