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Just taken delivery of the Monitor Station 2 and hooked it up to two sources, one of which is the StudioLive 16AI via the SPDIF.

There are two problems, firstly the levels are very low coming through and I can't see any way of adjusting them.

And secondly, the SPDIF link occasionally pops. I've tried swapping the (short) cable and it is still a problem. I'm now using the same cable that connects other equipment via digit I/O without issue.

Any ideas gratefully received. Obviously I could resort to an analogue link but one of the reasons I went for this unit was to hook it up digitally with the StudioLive.

With thanks and regards,

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by PreSonuSupt2 on Wed Sep 24, 2014 10:06 pm
Hi Toby,

First, can you tell us what source you're using from your StudioLive to the SPDIF out?

Second, is the possping happening at random times or can you identify a specific time that it occurs or perhaps even make it occur on demand?
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by TobyC on Thu Sep 25, 2014 3:14 am
Thank you for this.

The digital output on the StudioLive16AI is set to its default of being the main mix L/R.

The sample rate I'm using on the StudioLive is 44.1KHz.

There doesn't appear to be any correlation with the pops. They seem random to me.

When the StudioLive is connected via the analogue inputs everything is stable on both units.

With thanks,

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