Headphone Monitoring HP60, HP4 and HP2
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I am the worship director for my Church and recently moved over to a Studio Live 24.4.2 mixer. We are are getting to the point where I would like to move the band over to IEMs in an effort to reduce stage noise. In looking at the HP60 I think it will work well for this task. My question is this:

If I link Aux sends to create a stereo signal on the Studio Live and then use a dual mono to stereo TRS adapter into the external stereo input of the HP60 will this work to achieve a stereo signal for my IEMs? I don't plan on using the main inputs on the HP60 and will just create each individual AUX mix to order for each band member.
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by SwitchBack on Fri May 01, 2015 2:33 pm
Yes, that will work. A Y-cable for two auxes per stereo IEM mix = 5 mixes max.

Alternative is to create one general stereo mix for all IEMs (to the HP60's main input) and use the HP60 to mix in a 'more me' mono signal per band member, either from a mono aux or straight from a channel insert. That way you can create more than 5 stereo IEM mixes, or save some of the auxes for e.g. a cry room or a hearing aid induction loop.

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