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Mono mix only from HP4

Posted: Sun Dec 16, 2018 4:28 pm
by aaronboling
I have a Studio Live 32AI, and I am running a stereo split from the Headphone Jack into a Presonus HP4. I only get MONO mix out of the headphones. If I plug the headphones into the headphone jack directly, stereo mix. I assumed perhaps my splitter was maybe defective somehow, so I ran two 1/4 in cords from the control room out, on the back of the mixer to the hp4, same scenario. Mono mix only. I then tried my backup headphone Monitor system, an ART HPFX. Still the exact same situation in both scenarios. I have even tried different headphones. The "MONO" buttuns are not pressed in on the headphone amps, the ART doesnt even have one. Any thoughts?