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HP60 Overheating and outputs failing

Posted: Thu Aug 30, 2018 12:54 pm
by alaistairdeacon
Guys - got a call from a church where I installed an HP60 as part of a AV upgrade to provide some wired IEMs for the praise band running off an RM32AI I put in as their new mixer.

The church is complaining it is running hot and "several outputs have failed".

I've got my own HP60 in my band rack and it's been perfect.

Headphone amps aren't exactly powerful? Surely they shouldn't be overheating and failing? Anyone had ANY problems with failed HP60s?

The customer is quite "high maintenance" and does seem to have a capability of breaking most things they seem to touch (they are reporting HF tweeters blown in their main PA speakers I also fitted)

Planning to drive over in a couple of weeks and replace theirs with my own HP60.

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