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Suitable DB25->6 Stereo 6.35mm Jacks?

Posted: Wed Jun 15, 2016 10:48 am
by glynhughes
I would like to add a HP60 directly above an RM16AI in a Gator 4U rack case.

I am looking for a short DB25 cable->6 x Stereo 6.35mm jacks so I don't have to either lose a large amount of cable tucked away in the rack somewhere (or carried separately) to use adaptors to go from the readily available 8 x Mono 6.35mm Jacks into the 6 Stereo ones I need.

It might be an even better idea to go from DB25->6 Stereo Jacks plus 4 x Mono so I can feed the signal into Inputs A & B or have I misunderstood how the HP60 is to be connected?

Is there an off-the-shelf solution?

Does PreSonus manufacture & sell such a lead?

Where can I obtain a suitable lead from bearing in mind I am based in the UK?

It have searched but as mentioned above I only see the DB25 that goes into 8 Mono Jacks and not the needed 6 Stereo Jacks but the shortest seems to be @2m long and I am guessing I need a cable @12" or so long.

I suppose I could butcher an off-the-shelf 2m lead by cutting & shutting but I would rather use a ready made cable.

Curious as to what solution you guys use and how you connect your mixer to the HP60?

Thanks & kind regards,

Re: Suitable DB25->6 Stereo 6.35mm Jacks?

Posted: Wed Jun 15, 2016 6:08 pm
by SwitchBack
The RM16 has 8 mono auxes so that could be 4 independent stereo auxes. If that's all you need then that's what you can do. It will need a customized DB25-to-4stereo jacks cable to plug into the DB25 external inputs.

You can also use a standard DB25-to-8 mono jack cable and use 6 of the jacks for 6 independent mono channels from the HP60 (switch all channels to mono).

Or you can go fancy by taking the mono option and then plug the last two jacks into the HP60's input A (left and right). Use the RM to have a general stereo mix on those two jacks for use in all headphones. And then the 6 individual mono inputs can provide the 'more me' mono signal for each of those 6 stereo headphone mixes.