Headphone Monitoring HP60, HP4 and HP2
Headphones including Eris HD10BT, HD9, HD7 and others found in the bundles can be discussed here
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Looking for a mobile pack when moving off of the drums (where I use a fixed Rolls personal monitor wired to the mixer) and over to the percussion set (congas, FX and stuff), so I now need mobility. We don't use wireless yet, so wired is fine. The HP2 looks decent, but I find no user reviews of it. Anybody here using it? Or any recommendations for something else?

FYI - I already have an HP60 for the studio.

Me: Live/studio drummer/percussionist, recording engineer, live sound, hardcore gear slut
Studio: StudioLive RM32AI, StudioLive CS18AI, FireStudio Project x 2, Central Monitor Station Plus, Faderport, HP-60, Eris-8, PRM-1
PA: SL315AI (tops), SL18sAI (bottoms)
Tools: Studio One Pro, Capture, SL Room Control, UC Surface, QMix-AI
Computer: Mac Mini 2.6GHz 16GB w/256GB SSD, Lacie Thunderbolt 256GB SSD, iPad, iPhone
Network: TP-LINK WR-1043ND, MOTU AVB Switch

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